The execution of your lifting and access plan is critical to the completion of your project on-time and within budget. We provide the professionals to carry out the installation, commissioning, maintenance, servicing, shifting and dismantling of lifting and access equipment according to your design as well as overhaul and storage of the equipment upon completion of use.

Our erectors are certified by the manufacturers of our equipment and have successfully completed training courses approved by the Ministry of Manpower. We will install, service, shift and dismantle the lifting and access equipment for your project in accordance to manufacturers’ recommendations, local regulations, method statements, safe work procedures, risk assessments, lifting plans and fall prevention plans established to ensure the equipment are safe for use.

Our technicians are also certified by the manufacturers of our equipment and we will establish preventive maintenance regimes to maximize the use of your lifting and access equipment on-site. We are always ready to respond to any service requests and will carry out the tasks in accordance to manufacturers’ recommendations. We carry a huge inventory of original accessories and spare parts in our yards to ensure your service requests are fulfilled in the shortest time possible.